Complainers, Raise Your Hands!

Do you enjoy complaining as much as me?  Complaining is one of my favorite past times.  Ok, so maybe I’m better than I used to be.  I don’t complain out loud as much as I used to.  Mostly because a good friend of mine called me on it.  He said, “Man, Don, you sure do like to complain.”  He was right.  I do.  But I don’t like to be known as a complainer.  So I shut my mouth.  But no one can keep me from complaining in my heart.  So there!

In the summer, I go from my air-conditioned house to my air-conditioned car and walk into my air-conditioned office building and think, “Wow it’s hot out there!”

In winter, yep!  You guessed!  From one heated environment to another, briefly walking through the cold, just long enough to complain about the frigid winter air.

Either I’m too busy, or the day’s too long, my car’s too small, or drinks too much gas.  Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself complain.  So when I read about the people, who followed Moses out of Egypt into the desert, I don’t have such a hard time relating to their complaining hearts.

Then the whole congregation of the children of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. And the children of Israel said to them, “Oh, that we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the pots of meat and when we ate bread to the full! For you have brought us out into this wilderness to kill this whole assembly with hunger.” Exodus 16:2-3

Sure, God sent the plagues to the Egyptians to get Pharaoh to release them from bondage.  God had opened up the Red Sea so they could walk across on dry land.  But that was then and this is now.  They were hungry!

It’s easy for me to judge them and say, “Are they crazy?  Didn’t they see what just happened?  Why do they have such a hard time trusting God?”  Then I feel a tugging in my heart and a ringing in my ears.  My own voice comes back at me.  God has delivered me through so much trouble and helped me through so many hard times.  Yet, I still manage to complain. 

Next time you hear yourself complaining about something; anything at all, try to remember what great things God has done for you.  (tweet that)

As you face bankruptcy, foreclosure, job loss, or sickness.  Remember how God provided for you in the past.  Be grateful for what you once had and trust that there are better times ahead.

God didn’t lead you out of the desert for nothing.  Remember life is temporary.  All we experience here can help us for an eternal purpose. (tweet that)   

Photo Credit: By Brazzouk, Creative Commons

4 thoughts on “Complainers, Raise Your Hands!

  1. Every person who has a blog or follow you should be able to say yes to this questions I mean we are about the most complaining people on the face of the earth. Just like the people who Moses led they complained all the time when God brought them a cloud to keep them cool they complained when He sent manna down from heaven so that they can eat they complain. If you ask me complaining comes from the spirit of not be thankful…If we look at other countries they don’t complain like we do and yet they should because they don’t have clean water, place to lay their heads nor food to put in their bellies and they don’t complain they just pray someone would help…what a lesson we can learn if we learn to be more thankful and grateful instead of selfish.

  2. Thank you for this incredibly honest post. Your wisdom is apparent to me especially because you courageously share your own stumbles along the journey. I’ve written posts about that, if only we will share our own stories and experiences and how we’ve learned, rather than a ‘do this’ attitude then the lesson gets in more deeply. At least for me. I appreciate being shown rather than told, and this wonderful article is an excellent example of that. Thank you for living the teachings, and sharing them with us all in such a beautifully down-to-earth way, and reminding us to have gratitude for the abundant blessings we are immersed in, every day.
    Blessings, Gina

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