Introducing Colossians

Dear friends,

From now through November 19, we’ll be studying book of Colossians together. I will be leading a discussion group in my home every Sunday, from 9/23/12 through 11/18/12. So, I thought I would include you. I hope you don’t mind.

For my study, I have decided to use The Wiersbe Bible Study Series for a few of reasons. First, I have found that trying to teach a Bible Study without a guide and from memory is very time-consuming and difficult. Second, people usually learn more from discussion groups than they do from lecture. Third, while I love preaching, we have a great preacher. So, I’m better off leading a discussion group then trying to preach through a Bible Study every week.

The book I’m using is below. What I write will be from a combination of research, scripture, my thoughts and from some of what comes up in discussion from the group.

Let’s begin with Paul’s introduction of himself in 1:1 as ” an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God…”

What is an apostle?  “An apostle, from Classical Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), meaning “one who is sent away”,[1] is a messenger and ambassador.” In Christianity church, as in Judaism, an apostle is understood to be one who establishes churches.

Here is an outline with headings found in Colossians: Below the headings, I include some questions for your consideration as we prepare to study.

(The Colossians) “The Colossians Faith in Christ” 1:3-8
-How strong is your faith in Christ? Is it strong enough that people know about it? Or, are you a “secret” Christian.

“Preeminence of Christ” 1:9-18
-Does Christ take priority in your life? Do you live your life for Him? Or, do you live life as you please?

“Reconciled in Christ” 1:19-23, v21, “…who once were alienated and enemies in your mind…”
-Have you given your life to God, through Jesus Christ? If not, you are separated from God. There’s an emptiness you feel inside, don’t you? Jesus is waiting.

“Sacrificial Service To Christ” 1:24-29
-Are you willing to serve through suffering? How strong is your passion for the love of Christ?

“Not Philosophy…” (2:1-10), nor Legalism but Christ (2:11-23). We are complete in Christ.
-Is your faith strong enough to withstand peer pressure? How do you handle false teachings? How do you know the difference?

“Not Carnality But Christ” 3:1-11
-Our nature is to do what feels good. We want to do as we please and get away with it. But there is a better way!

“Character of the New Man” 3:12-17
-Here’s our goal; to be like Christ, a new creation in Him! To live and act in love. 

“The Christian Home” 3:18-25
-Here’s one of the most difficult sections because of the “s” word. “SUBMIT.”
We’ll talk more about this, of course. But let me say up front, problems usually come from taking scripture out of context. For instance, you can’t talk about submissive wives, without talking about loving husbands. The two subjects are inseparable.

“Christian Graces” 4:2-6
-Prayer, thanksgiving, wisdom, and grace. Are these important to you? Do you seek them in your life? What steps are you taking to get stronger in these graces?

“Final Greetings” 4:7-15
-Paul talks about the “faithful ministers” and “fellow servants” that are serving with him. Service to God

“Closing Exhortations and Blessing” 4:16-18
-It is assumed that the letter will be read and a call to swap letters with the Laodicean church.
-Paul encourages the reader to “fulfill” “the ministry which you have received in the Lord.” We all have a purpose. We all have a ministry. What is yours? How are you serving God? Will you continue to serve Him with all your heart?

I hope you will join us for the next several weeks as we study the book of Colossians together.

Scriptures are quoted from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved

Wikipedia, “Apostle”
1. Liddell & Scott’s Greek-English Lexicon, Oxford, 1944

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Blessings to you all,


Photo: Public Domain, via Creative Commons. Source: Codex Harleianus 5557 (minuscule 321 in the Gregory-Aland numbering

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