Come, Holy Spirit – YouTube Release

Way back in June I shared the words to a new song, “Come, Holy Spirit.” Today, I am finally releasing the finished project on YouTube for free after many months and a decent amount of cash spent. It will soon release for download on iTunes and several other online music stores. But I couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

It would be fun for someone to buy the rights and to make money off of what I produce. But  I mostly want to release God’s gifts as quickly as possible. So, here you are. I hope you enjoy “Come, Holy Spirit.” As soon as the download is available, I will let you know.


Click here for the YouTube video link.

Download it on iTunes here.

Song Credits:
Studio Engineer and recording advisor: Glen Dickerson
Vocals: Caitlin Capello
Keyboards: Josh Brewer
Drums: Randy Sloan
Acoustic Guitar and Bass: Brad Singleton
Electric Guitar: Kevin Smith
Songwriter: Don Terry

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