Things to Come

Coming soon

Colossians Bible Study, Fall of 2012
I will try to make study notes available online.
The physical location will be in my home in White House, TN
Come, Holy Spirit, a new worship song based on The Prayer to the Holy Spirit by John Wesley.  This should be recorded and posted by the August 2012. (update 8/21/12-I am waiting on another vocalist and a pianist to get to the studio. After the engineer is done, I intend to post it on iTunes)

A couple of upcoming books:

So, You Want To Be In Ministryan ebook that explores some points one should consider before going into any sort of church work, whether paid, or not. (As of 8/22/12, I am on ch 4 out of 7. Then I will attempt to self-publish it)

Living in God’s Peace, will hopefully be published by January 2013. (Update 8/21/21-The editors are up to chapter 7 out of 12. Then I will have to rewrite again and try to find a literary agent.)

This book deals with challenges we all face in life; fear, hate, depression, discouragement, death and more.  It brings life’s challenges to light in the context of scripture and personal experience to help the reader through life’s hardest times.

Past Speaking topics

  • Biblical topics and chapter studies
  • Short-term missions
  • Social media
  • Leadership
  • Purchasing Strategies
  • Customer Service

 Please email me for more information at

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